tpm2net udp packet size

I setup a UDP tpm2net bridge with 6 16x16 channels and created a project with 6 16x16 patches.
My receiver is an ESP32 running on Arduino core: so no reassembly of packets supported.

Audectra is however producing one large packet with 4636 bytes of payload instead of the expected 4 packets with 775 bytes each.
This obviously fragments and is therefore unusable in my setup.

Additionally If I look at the reassembled payload itself, the data is only split up into 4 'chunks' instead of 6:

Other software (tried Jinx) behaves as expected when specifying 6 channels, by sending out 6 individual packets:

Is there a specific way the bridge or the patches have to be setup so audectra spits out individual packets?


  • Hi Stefan,
    Sorry for the late reply! First off, welcome to the forums!
    I've looked into your issue and can reproduce the problem. It seems, Audectra is splitting the data into four frames, however sends it within one packet, which obviously isn't correct.

    Currently Audectra splits TPM2.Net data into frames with a maximum payload size of 1490 bytes each. That's why you see 4 chunks instead of 6. Having it split up by channel raises the question, what will happen if the channels are too big? What do you think?

    Since the release of v4 is still far in the future, I will fix this issue in the latest v3 release, once we have finalized how Audectra should behave in this scenario.

  • I've fixed the issue, where Audectra didn't split multiple frames into corresponding UDP packets in the latest release v3.5.1.

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