Release of v3.3.0 - Extension SDK and Skia Rendering

While writing the effect documentation and creating new effects, I've realized, that the bridge between effects and Audectra needs various improvements. This release addresses this issue and introduces a new and versionable extension SDK for effects.

New Features

Versionable Extension SDK

There have been massive improvements in the bridge between effects and Audectra. In fact, it has been redesigned almost completely. Check out the new extension documentation for more information.

With the SDK being versionable, I am able to release breaking changes, if needed, without breaking existing effects, because they will still be able to use an older version of the SDK. Thus, we can create a smooth transition from one SDK version to the next.

SkiaSharp for Effects

You are now able to utilize SkiaSharp in your effects, which is a very powerful 2D rendering environment based on Skia by Google.

Updated Effect Documentation

The extension documentation has been updated with the changes above.


  • Used namespaces in effect extensions are now whitelisted to improve security.
  • Effect extensions don't have to provide a callback for layer settings or triggers to the Layer Settings Builder anymore.
  • Improved general stability of Audectra, if an effect extension throws an exception (even during rendering).
  • New versionable extension SDK api for effects.
  • Provided SkiaSharp for rendering effects.
  • Added audio feature cache in extension SDK.
  • Polished particle system api for easier usage in effects.
  • Effect requirements are now set with class attributes.
  • Improved general security in working with effect extensions.
  • Fixed a few bugs in extension settings window.
  • Fixed a bug in effect wizard, causing to show effect extensions, which are not ready (compile or runtime error).
  • Fixed bug, which confused Audectra when loading projects with duplicate project ids (project copy, for example).
  • Effects within the extensions repository have been updated.
  • Extension documentation has been updated.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

What's next?

New Effects

I will focus on creating neat new effects, not just eventually replacing the old ones, but also adding a whole lot of new neatly designed and customizable effects.

Tutorials & Sample Projects

Every now and then, I will also create a sample project, which will be freely available for everyone. In addition to the sample projects, there will be corresponding tutorials on how I've made them as well.

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