Release of v3.5.0 - UX and UI Improvements

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This release brings some general UXUI improvements to Audectra.


Enable/Disable Transitions

State transitions can now be enableddisabled in the transitions tab.

Loaded non-compile-able Transitions are marked

Loading projects with non-compile-able transitions will mark and disable those conditions in the transitions tab instead of removing them from the project.

Edit/Remove multiple Transitions at once

Multiple transitions can now be selected in the transitions tab and edited or removed at once.

Context Menu in Transitions Tab

The transitions tab now features a context menu for easier modification of multiple selected transitions.

Specify Project Name in Project Wizard

The project wizard now asks for the project name and path for each newly created project. It automatically suggests you the default project path at %USERPROFILE%DocumentsAudectraProjects.

Save Project Dialog now suggests Project Path

When saving a project, Audectra will now automatically suggest you the project path you've either specified in the project wizard or the path where you've loaded the project from.

Improved Beat Tracking Performance

The beat tracking algorithm has been further tuned for better results and less computation time.


  • Fixed bug, where the blend mode could be changed on bottom layers.
  • Fixed bug, where the blend mode was not reset to Normal after moving layer to bottom.
  • Fixed bug, where the selected blend mode sometimes was not correctly set.
  • State transitions can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Upon loading an non-compile-able state transition from a project, it will be just disabled instead of removed.
  • Transitions with compile errors are marked in red in the transitions tab.
  • Can now select multiple transitions in transitions tab.
  • Can now remove multiple selected transitions in transitions tab.
  • Can now edit multiple selected transition conditions in transitions tab.
  • After adding new transitions in transitions tab, expression editor is opened for the new transitions.
  • Added context menu to transitions tab, allowing to add, edit, enable/disable or remove transitions.
  • Project wizard now asks for project name and file path on creating a new project.
  • Load project now opens the default projects path.
  • Save project now suggests the last project file path for the selected project.
  • Improved beat tracking performance and slightly reduced computation time.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

Whats next

The user interface documentation will be updated soon to match the new features above.

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