Release of v3.4.1

In preparation for a new basic demo project, I've found a few more ways in improving Audectra. This release implements all these small improvements.

New Features

Adjustments to Dashboard

Automatic Synchronization Context

Until now, writing expressions for triggers (transitions or layer settings) required to manually set synchronization contexts within the expression. From this version onward, Audectra takes care of that for you.

For example, previously you would have to use the sustained function like this:

 Sustained(0, Spectral.Centroid > 0.1 AND Spectral.Spread > 0.15, 800)

From this version onward, you can simply use:

 Sustained(Spectral.Centroid > 0.1 AND Spectral.Spread > 0.15, 800)

All projects using the manual synchronization context will be automatically migrated by Audectra.

Saving RGB/HSV Color Mode Switch

The RGB/HSV color mode switch for color value layer settings will now be saved in the project files as well.


  • Effect /v1/Shapes/Blob.cs - position is now bindable as well.
  • Added effect Audectra/v1/1D/Blobs/WalkingBlobs.cs.
  • Selected RGB/HSV color mode in color layer settings are now saved in project files.
  • Adjusted arrangement of visualizations on dashboard tab.
  • Removed the synchronization id from trigger expressions (Audectra takes care of that internally).
  • Fixed bug, where performance graphs on dashboard tab were not updated after switching between tabs.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

What's next?

Audectra Basic Demo

There is a new basic demo project I'd like to share with you. It will be available soon.

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