Release of v3.4.0 - New Dashboard

While playing around with Audectra to create some sample projects and new effects, I've come across various ways of improving the user experience in Audectra. This update addresses several such improvements.

New Features

New Dashboard

The dashboard tab has been improved by removing the particles visualization and adding more relevant information instead.

Status Bar

I've added a status bar in Audectra, such that key performance metrics are always in sight. Additionally, on the right side of the status bar, the current capturing device is displayed as well.

Background Tasks

Progress on background tasks are now displayed on the left side of the status bar.

Compiling and Loading Extensions

Startup time of Audectra has been reduced by moving the compilation/loading of extensions into the background. The progress is displayed on the status bar.

Downloading Updates

New updates of Audectra will now be downloaded in the background (if approved). The downloading progress is indicated in the status bar.

New Effects

I've added a bunch of new effects to Audectra. Take a look at our Github repository for extensions.

Trigger Expressions

Trigger expressions now have access to a new function called "Sustained", which allows create transitions or triggers with variable sustain duration. Here is an example:


  • Added status bar at bottom of window.
  • Extensions are now loaded asynchronously after startup, reducing startup time.
  • Update is now loaded asynchronously with download progress indicated in the status bar.
  • Extended audio feature cache in effect SDK by spectrum.
  • Added some new effects under Audectra/v1/.
  • Added capturing device status to status bar.
  • Added core load and project rendering load to status bar.
  • Improved performance of GUI visualizations.
  • Improved performance of particle system rendering.
  • Dashboard visualizations are now stopped when switching to a different tab.
  • Dashboard and spectrum graph visualizations are now stopped while moving the window.
  • Removed particle visualization from dashboard tab.
  • Improved core load and render load visualizations.
  • Added audio feature visualization mapping spectral centroid and spectral spread.
  • Added render patch status of currently selected project to dashboard tab.
  • Added state time utilization for currently selected project to dashboard tab.
  • Added transition history for currently selected project to dashboard tab.
  • Improved core load and render load indications.
  • Added new function "Sustained(...)" to trigger expression environment.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

What's next?

Update Documentation

First, I will need to update user interface documentation with the changes above.

Audectra Basic Demo

Then, I will continue working on a Audectra Basic Demo (including tutorial).

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